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“There exists a passion for comprehension…Without this passion, there would be neither mathematics, nor natural science.” -A. Einstein.

About my work:  I facilitate student learning in introductory chemistry courses, and I teach/coordinate the phsyical chemistry component of MegaLab. Witnessing the talent and the perseverance of UGA students is a great privilege.

Education:  Ph.D.  from Emory University 

                     Postdoc from University of Minnesota

General-chemistry teaching approaches:  I teach both large and small classes. I am partial to adopting modern metodologies in the classroom (flipped-classroomcooperative active-learning approaches that rely on peer learning assistants to disseminate). The strategies I use tend to vary with topic and with classes taught. Technology plays an important role. 

Digital platforms, currently or previously implemented in my classes:

TopHat (textbook + in-class response system), MindTap from Cengage (textbook), WebAssign (computer exams), TurningPoint Technologies (in-class response system), McGraw-Hill Connect (textbook), Perceptiv (writing)

Digital tools for teaching that I am currently curious about: Perusall.

Other related experience:  I am a computational Ph.D. chemist by training, skilled at using several Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation packages and analysis/visualization tools in research with undergraduate students. I am able to script in Perl, Python, and Matlab. I also have some coding experience in Fortran and C++.  

Education Research, Published Articles:


Traditional Research, Published Articles:

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3. W. Zheng , Y. Liu,. A.West,. K. Yehl , E. Schuler, J. T. Kindt,  S. Salaita. “Quantum Dots Encapsulated within Phospholipid Membranes: Phase-Dependent Structure, Photostability, and Site-Selective Functionalization.” JACS, 136 (5), 1992–1999,(2014). doi: 10.1021/ja411339f

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